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Add a New User

After configuring Cirrus Shield as required, you can add users. Simply insert the personal information of the new user and select his profile and position.

Each account contains at least the following information:

  • First and last name of the user
  • E-mail address
  • Business title
  • Username
  • Timezone & Locale
  • Language
  • Profile
  • Position
  • Google Calendar ID

To add a New User

  1. Log in to Cirrus Shield with your administrator profile.
  2. Click on your name, then select Setup.
  3. Go to the Users Management tab, and click on New.
  4. Add the information about the User
  5. Select his Profile and Position.
  6. Select the Language of the environment.
  7. And enter the Password.
  8. Click Save.

Note that you can’t add a new user if you don’t have a license. And, after the creation, the user will receive an email that includes his username, his password and a link to the organization’s Cirrus Shield site. The system will ask him to set up a new password and  a Security Question in case he forget his password.


Key Terms

It is important to understand the terms listed above in order to create a user:
Locale & Timezone Users can set their individual locale and timezone on their personal settings pages.
Username All users have a username and an email address. The username must be unique for all Cirrus Shield organizations.
Profile Profiles define what features and operations are available to users. There are 4 types of profiles in Cirrus Shield (we will deal with this in the second part of the guide, “Admin Guide – User Management”).
Position The hierarchy of roles, also called “Position”, reproduces the organizational chart of the company. The person with the highest role has full access to his / her data and to those with a lower role in the hierarchy (we will deal with this in the second part of the guide, “Admin Guide – User Management”).

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