Cirrus Shield Basics

Cirrus Shield is a cloud platform where you can create applications with point-and-click tools, and on which the Cirrus Shield CRM is built. Understand the key concepts and terms of Cirrus Shield and get started as a new user.

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User Guide

Keep track of your sales activities, enhance the way you sell and get insights on your business. Generate and convert more leads. Serve your customers anywhere and at any time, better. Cirrus Shield CRM helps you grow your business faster.

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Understand how to configure your environment to your specific business needs by watching this video: Platform - Presentation of Basic Features. And have a complete view of the features of Cirrus Shield in terms of marketing, sales, and customer service.

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Admin Guide

Adapt your environment to your business needs and learn how to set up the CRM according to your expectations. The Admin Guide contains everything you'll need to start with Cirrus Shield, whether it be in terms of customization, security, or functionality.

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Files Integration

Data Manager is a command line tool that can upload your data in CSV format. The Data Manager can be automated to integrate raw data files on a recurring basis and serve as a first level integration with your back-end systems.

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Developer Guide

Cirrus Shield allows developers express their creativity and deliver innovative applications to customers faster. Get the required information in order to develop additional features or integrate third-party apps in the CRM using Rest APIs.

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Attend our special CRM webinars to understand the basics, integration methods and advanced features of Cirrus Shield CRM.

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