What Support is provided to Cirrus Shield customers and how to contact Support?

Depending on the version you subscribed to you might be entitled to one of the following support options:

Paying customers receive the following support services:

  • Access to the online help, startup guides, online videos
  • Unlimited email support to the following address: support at cirrus – shield . com
  • Type of support: end user support, questions related to the utilization of the product (as a user or an administrator), issues with the product (bugs).
  • Support hours: Monday to Friday from 9am to 6pm
  • Service Level: reply within 2 business days

Additional support options are available: administration of your environment, developer support. Please contact us at: contact at cirrus – shield . com

Classification of support requests

The requests are classified according to the following criticality:

  • Critical
    • A request that has a critical impact. The customer can no longer use the application or major functionalities of the application are blocked or inoperative:
      • Important features of the application are permanently unavailable. The problem is completely blocking and there is no workaround.
    • The use of the application is not possible due to one of the following reasons:
      • Highly degraded performance of the application or very slow response times.
      • Data corruption.
      • Cannot access the system.
  • Major
    • A request which has a significant impact and which results in:
      • Important features of the application that cannot be used in normal operation and that affect customer service.
      • The problem is not blocking and / or there is a workaround but it impacts customer service.
  • Minor
    • A request that has a low impact. The application can be used normally and only some non-critical features are unavailable.
    • Incidents that have a workaround and / or that have no impact on customer service or team productivity.