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Customize Your Cirrus Shield Organization

Adapt your Cirrus Shield environment to your business need by using drag-and-drop tools. The change includes renaming, reordering tabs, customizing each of the standard objects and fields, setting page layouts, and even create custom buttons.

      1. Objects

An object is a table containing your data. Each column in this table corresponds to a field in your object.

      2. Fields

A field corresponds to a column in a table (e.g. email). Personalize your fields in just a few clicks, by choosing from any of 21 different types of fields to enrich your data.

      3. Buttons

Cirrus Shield CRM has many standard buttons that are used to execute predefined actions. For example, mass delete and mass update are standard buttons used to delete or modify records in a single click. Plus, the administrator system can create new buttons in the CRM.

      4. Page templates

Customize the layout of your pages in order to show the right information at the right place. Cirrus Shield’s user interface is based on a responsive design and will adapt automatically to the screen size whether on mobile, tablet or PC.

      5. Tabs

A tab is used to display the data of an object or a web page. You can rename, modify, create or delete tabs if you are the administrator system.

      6. Apps

An application is a collection of tabs, reports, authorization, and functionality that address specific business needs. In most cases, the platform only includes the CRM application but you can install plugins or create new applications in Cirrus Shield that help you to manage additional processes within your company.

      7. View

The view function is a list of important fields in order to have an overview of each object. To ensure complete visibility of your data, Cirrus Shield gives you the ability to customize your view according to your needs.


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