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Sendinblue is an innovative solution that includes not only Email Marketing, but also SMS Campaigns as well as Marketing Automation features.

Features Highlights:

  • Segment your leads and / or clients base in Cirrus Shield.
  • Synchronize your segments with Sendinblue.
  • Run marketing campaigns in Sendinblue.
  • Contact actions (openings, clicks ans unsubscriptions) are automatically synchronized with Cirrus Shield.
  • Produce reports and dashboards with the indicators of your choice (hot leads, segmentation, etc.) in Cirrus Shield.

If the plugin is not configured, ask your administrator system to do it (Admin Guide – Set up the Sendinblue Plugin)

1. How to upload your data in your Sendinblue account (Ex : Contacts):

  • Log in to Cirrus Shield.
  • Click on the Contacts tab.
  • Select the View you want to upload (Ex : Leads from France / or All).
  • Click on the Upload to Sendinblue button.

  • All the contacts present in the selected view will be uploaded in your Sendinblue account.
  • The view “Leads from France” will be created in the contact list of Sendinblue.
  • Note that only the view “All” is not synchronizable.

2. How can you see the update in Cirrus Shield :

  • After a campaign has been sent to a contact list, “Campaign members” are registered in Cirrus Shield.
  • And since the plugin was set on the actions “Click”, “open”, and “unsubscribe” then only these actions will make changes in Cirrus Shield.
  • For example, if an email receiver open the sent email, or clicks on a link in the email then their respective checkboxes in Campaign Members will automatically change to the appropriate value.
  • In case, the user unsubscribed from the campaign, then the Opt Out checkbox field is automatically ticked in the Contacts object for the respective email address.
  • If for example we send an email in Sendinblue but the email (the contact) does not exist in Cirrus Shield it will not create the contact automatically in Cirrus Shield.
  • If the contact exists but the campaign member doesn’t exist, will it create the campaign member.

Note : Campaigns and campaign members are automatically created in Cirrus-Shield. In other words, the creation of a campaign is done in Sendinblue, and then campaigns and campaign members are created automatically after first email event. Moreover, the ID of a campaign in Sendinblue will be the same as that in Cirrus-Shield.

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