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Sendinblue is a marketing automation tool that allows you to send emailing campaigns to a list of leads or contacts. With its connector to Cirrus Shield, the following events are sent back from Sendinblue to Cirrus Shield: bounce, unsubscribe, email opened, email clicked.

Pour fonctionner correctement avec Cirrus Shield, le connecteur Sendinblue suppose la présence des objets et des champs suivants dans votre modèle de données:

Object Technical NameField Technical NameComment


This section provides you with the required configurations to allow the Sendinblue connectors to function with Cirrus Shield (only the administrator system can do the configuration).

The following configurations assume that your environment has a standard configuration and that the fields in the above table were not deleted.


Campaign Configuration

– Add a new Text field and put “SIB_Campaign_ID” in the Name field (it should be exactly the same).

– Check the External ID and the Unique checkboxes.

– Go to the Page Designer tab.

– Add the “SIB_Campaign_ID” field into your campaigns page.

Campaign Member Configuration

– Add a new Text field and put “SIB_Campaign_Member_ID” in the Name field (it should be exactly the same).

– Check the External ID and the Unique checkboxes.

– Create two checkboxes with the corresponding Name fields: “Email_Clicked” and “Email_Opened”.

– Go to the Page Designer tab.

– Add the “SIB_Campaign_Member_ID”, “Email_Clicked”, and “Email_Opened” fields into your campaign members’ page.

Sendinblue Configuration

First of all, create an account in “Sendinblue“.

4 steps to synchronize the information between Cirrus Shield and Sendinblue:

First step, configure the Sendinblue plugin in Cirrus Shield:

1- Go to Setup and click on the Plugin tab.

2- Click on New and select Sendinblue.

3- Click on install.

4- Once the plugin is installed, click on Details next to Sendinblue plugin.

5- Click on Edit.

6- Copy the API KEY present in your Sendinblue account. To do so, log in and click on API & Forms tab and then click on Manage your keys. Copy the “API Key” v2 and put it in the “Authentication ID” field present in Cirrus Shield.

7- Save the modifications.

Second step, choose which object you want to upload in the contact list of Sendinblue:

1- Click on Details next to Sendinblue plugin.

2- Go to the “Plugin Component” section.

3- Click on Edit next to “Upload to Sendinblue”.

4- Select the objects you want to upload in Sendinblue. In most case, it will be the Lead object or the Contact object.

5- Click save.

Third step, map the Cirrus Shield fields with the Sendinblue fields:

1- Click on “Upload to Sendinblue”.

2- Go to the “Component Mapping Fields” and click on Edit.

3- Map the Sendinblue fields with the Cirrus Shield fields.

4- Click save.

Fourth step, add the profiles access to the buttons that were added on each of the selected objects:

1- Click on Objects in the configuration menu.

2- On each of the objects on which you added Sendinblue go to “Custom Buttons” tab.

3- Click on “Details” next to the “Upload to Sendinblue” button.

4- Click on the Profiles tab then edit.

5- Add all profiles to which you wish to give access to the button then click save.

Last step, set up the web hook present in Sendinblue:

1- Click on this link: Web Hook.

2- Log in to your Sendinblue account.

3- Click on Add a new Webhook.

4- Check the “Delivered”, “Opened”, “Clicked”, “Marked as Spam”, “Hard Bounce” and “Unsubscribed” boxes.

5- Paste this link in the URL section field: https://sib.cirrus-shield.net/v2/index.php?un=&pw=

(for old versions of CS where the campaign member contact is a simple lookup field, please use: https://sib.cirrus-shield.net/index2.php?un=&pw=)

6- Note that this URL should contain the username and password of Cirrus-shield which are set after the equals signs (un for username and pw for password).

7- But since some special characters can’t be set directly in a URL, a string encoding should be done. Thus head to www.urlencoder.org an online service to encode your username and password and paste each in its respective field in the web hook URL.

8- Click add.

Lead or Contact Configuration

– Create two checkboxes with the corresponding Name fields: “Email_Opt_Out” and “Invalid_Email”.

– Go to the Page Designer Tab.

– Add the “Email_Opt_Out” and “Invalid_Email” fields into your lead’s or contact’s page.


The configurations is now finished. To understand how to use the Sendinblue plugin, please go to : User Guide – Sendinblue Integration

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