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Opportunity Management

Get a real-time view of all your ongoing sales opportunities with Cirrus Shield. Track all your sales activities and know where every customer is in the sales cycle and deal size.

1. Create Opportunities into Cirrus Shield

In Cirrus Shield, you can create an opportunity in 3 different way:

  1. Completing manually the Opportunity form.
  2. Importing Opportunity using our import tools : Import Wizard or Data Manager.
  3. Capturing Opportunity online directly from Web-to-Opportunity form.

To Create a new Opportunity:

1. Go to the Opportunity tab.

2. Click on New to create a new Opportunity.

3. Fill the Opportunity form.

4. Click Save.

To Clone a Opportunity:

1. Click on a Opportunity (the blue link)

2. Click on the Clone button.

3. In the new page, Modify the required fields.

4. Click Save.

Note that by default the person who creates the opportunity will be the owner. To change the owner, click on the owner field and select another user.

2. The Opportunities Home Page

  1. The records in this view are based on the selected list view. In this case, “my opportunities”.
  2. To ensure a complete visibility of your data, Cirrus Shield gives you the ability to customize your view according to your needs. Switch easily between the different view modes : Kanban, Card view or List View.
  3. Create new filter by clicking on this button.
  4. Quickly move a record to a different step by dragging the box in the corresponding stage.

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