Custom buttons

Cirrus Shield CRM offers you a few ready-to-deploy button actions, such as:

Mass Action

Buttons that allow you to modify or to delete selected records in a single click.


A button that allows you to duplicate a selected record in Cirrus Shield CRM. For example, if you have 2 contacts in the same company, the information about the company will be the same. So you just have to duplicate the first contact and change his personal information such as his name or his business title.

Convert Lead

Once a lead is qualified and an opportunity is identified, the lead can be converted (Convert lead button) into a contact and an account.

Create Vcard

A button that allows you to import leads and contacts into your emailing tools (Outlook, gmail, etc.).

Important Note: If the file has not been downloaded, make sure you do not have a pop-up blocker and / or a plugin like "AdBlock Plus" on your browser.
- To allow pop-up on Google Chrome: Click here
- To allow pop-up on Microsoft Edge: Click here.
- To allow pop-up on Adblock Plus": Click on the logo (top right) and click on "Disable on this site", this will add the Cirrus Shield domain to the "Whitelisted domains".

To import your contacts/ leads information into your emailing tool (ex : gmail) :

  • Click on a lead (the blue link).
  • Click on the Create Vcard button.
  • A file will appear at the bottom of the page.
  • Log into your Gmail account using the required credentials.
  • Click on Mail and then select Contact:
  • Click on more and then click on import.
  • Select your vCard or .vcf file and import it.

Add to Google Calendar

Cirrus Shield allows you to manage your tasks in your Google Calendar.

To import your task in your calendar:

  • Go to the task tab.
  • Click on a task (the blue link).
  • Click on the Add to Google Calendar button:
  • The task will be automatically created in your calendar.

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