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Set Up your Organization Information

Configure your company’s details in Cirrus Shield by adding business information such as name, logo, fiscal year, or time zone.

Edit Company Details

To change your company details:

  1. Log in to Cirrus Shield with your administrator profile.
  2. Click on your name, then select Setup.
  3. Go to the Organization tab, and click on edit to add the necessary details of your company.

Personalize your logo

In order to customize your account, Cirrus Shield allow you to replace the logo of Cirrus Shield by your company logo. The new logo will appear for all users within your CRM environment.

Set Organization Time Zone

You can define a common time zone in your Cirrus Shield account. Every field with a datatype “Date and time” will take on consideration the time zone (for example: Callback date)

Set Up Fiscal Year

Adjust your company’s fiscal year to use this information for reporting purposes.

Set Up your Email Server

Send emails directly from your domain. Cirrus Shield allows you to configure your SMTP server so that emails are sent from your domain and not from a third-party domain.

Note : if you have a GMail account you wish to use for sending emails from Cirrus Shield, you have to turn on 2-step verification on your GMail account and create an application password for Cirrus Shield. Please follow the procedure described here : Turn on 2-Step Verification


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