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Sales Automation

Cirrus Shield lets you improve your sales efficiency by managing your leads and contacts in a unique, shared database accessible to all whether from their desk or on the go from their mobile.

Get complete visibility on your contacts and activities, including background information, history of interactions, important dates, opportunities and meet your customers’ expectations through self-service portals thanks to sales force features present on Cirrus Shield.

In addition, Cirrus Shield’s flexible model allows you to configure ready-made sales management apps to align with your team’s unique processes and terminology.

1. Better Manage Prospection

A company needs several elements to develop in good conditions. One of these important elements is to have a list of qualified prospects. A prospect is the person a company wants to reach and convert into a customer in order to grow its sales.

2. Contact Management

Managing your contacts, vendors, partners and suppliers is a vital part of your day to day business. Contacts include people who make purchasing decisions, pay bills, or anyone with whom you work in the company.

3. Account Management

See everything about an account, from background, contact, communications history and important dates, to any projects or opportunities in which they have participated.

4. Opportunity Management

Get a real-time view of all your ongoing sales opportunities with Cirrus Shield. Track all your sales activities and know where every customer is in the sales cycle and deal size.

5. Track your Team’s Activities

Cirrus Shield CRM allows you to have a better view on the activities of your sales teams by doing reports and dashboards to proactively correct courses or motivate your teams.

6. Improve Team Collaboration 

Cirrus Shield’s integration with Yammer allows your team to better collaborate to achieve their sales results. Yammer improves team communication and knowledge transfer and sharing so you can get work done anytime, anywhere.

         7. Create Dashboards

With dashboard, Managers can take rise their business and follow their activities from their PC or even their smartphones.


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