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Edit Standard Fields

Every standard or custom objects is made up of a set of standard fields. There are three types of standard fields :

1. Identity Field

Cirrus Shield automatically assigns a unique identity field called Id to each record. You can find the ID of a record in its URL. An ID is as follows “1424650687467227984”

2. System Fields

System fields are standard fields present in each object, you can change the name or the datatype of the standard field but you can’t delete it.

System Fields include :

  • CreatedById: The ID of the user who created the record.
  • CreatedDate: The date and time the record was created.
  • ModificationDate: The date and time of the last modification of a record by a user.
  • ModifiedById: The ID of the user who last modified the record.
  • OwnerId: The name of the user who created the record.

3. Name Field

The Name field of an object is a required field. The name value is always displayed as a link to the record itself. It allows you to see more information about a recording. It does not have to be unique, but it is the main information that allows users to differentiate records.

For example, the name of a lead will be his last name followed by the first name (John Gadner) and when we click on the name we will have a 360° view of the lead.

To Edit Standard field (Ex: Lead): 

  1. Log in to Cirrus Shield with your administrator profile.
  2. Click on your name, then select Setup.
  3. Go to the Object tab, and click on Details Lead.
  4. Go down, and click on edit Name for example.
  5. Replace the Label by The prospect’s name for example.
  6. Click on save.
  7. If you want to change the Data Type, click on the button “Change the Field Data Type”.
  8. Choose another data type and click next.
  9. Click on save.

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