Use the Formula Functions

Functions Description
IF Determines if expressions are true or false. Returns a given value if true and another value if false.
ISNUMBER Determines if a text value is a number and returns True if it is. Otherwise, it returns False.
ABS Calculates the absolute value of a number. The absolute value of a number is the number without its positive or negative sign.
MAX Returns the highest number from a list of numbers.
MIN Returns the lowest number from a list of numbers.
NOW Returns a date/time representing the current moment.
TODAY Returns the current date as a date data type.
DATEVALUE Returns a date value for a date/time.
DATETIMEVALUE Returns a year, month, day and GMT time value.
CONTAINS Compares two arguments of text and returns True if the first argument contains the second argument. If not, returns False.
STRARTSWITH Determines the value or text to start with.
ENDSWITH Determines the value or text to end with.
ISPICKVAL Determines if the value of a picklist field is equal to a text literal you specify.
INCLUDES Returns specific content that you want to include in your formula.
HYPERLINK Creates a link to a URL specified that is linkable from the text specified.
TEXTE Returns a text value.
Value Returns a value.
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