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Create Formula Field

Cirrus Shield allows you to create Formula Fields.

Formulas can help you automatically calculate the value of a field based on other fields.

1. Create a custom formula field:

  1. Log in to Cirrus Shield with your administrator profile.

  2. Click on your name, then select Setup.

  3. Go to the Object tab, find the object on wich you want to add a custom formula field, and click on Details .

  4. Click on the Custom Fields (On the top left).

  5. Click on New. Select the Formula field data type, and click Next.

  6. Insert all the required Details.

2. Fill details of the Formula Field Data Type:

  1. Enter the Label of the Field. The Name is automatically filled.
  2. Check the box “Blank fields will be considered as zeroes” if you want to see zero when the field is empty or check the box “The Blank fields will be considered as blanks” if you want empty value when the field is empty.
  3. Select the desired Return Data type (or the data you expect returned from your formula):
  • The Checkbox : Returns a true or false value. The field appears as a checkbox in record detail pages and reports. 
  • The Currency: Returns a number in currency format.
  • The Date: Returns data that represents a day on the calendar. 
  • The Date/Time: Returns data that represents a moment in time. A date/time field includes the date and also the time of day including hour, minutes, and seconds. 
  • The Number: Returns a positive or negative integer or decimal. 
  • The Percent: Returns a number in percent format. 
  • The Text: Returns a number of characters. 

       4. Use the Fields, Operators and Functions tabs to create your formula.                                                           

       6. Select the right field and use the Operators and Functions to complete your formula: 

       7. Once your formula is ready, check it using the button Verify Formula on the right, then click on Save.



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