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Create Lookup Field

The lookup field allows you to establish relationship between different objects. For example, the lookup between a child object Contact and a parent object Company.

When creating a contact you have to fill in the company field. Instead of writing the company name you can create a lookup relationship between contact and company. So you have a field called “Company” in the Contact Object, which lets you choose the correct company.

To create a Lookup field:

Log in to Cirrus Shield with your administrator profile.Click on your name, then select Setup.Go to the Object tab, and click on Details Contact.Create a New field, select Lookup Relationship.Enter the Label of the field : Company.Select an object from the Related to drop-down. In this case, the Company.Enter the Relationship Name (Ex: Lead)

– To set this field as “Required”, select the “Required” check box

– If the record value is deleted, you can choose to “Clear the field value” : Therefore, when a parent entity is deleted in Cirrus Shield, its child entities are deleted as well.

– But you may also choose that the lookup record cannot be deleted if it has children records related to it.

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