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Add or Rename Picklist Values

By default, some of the custom field picklist values are available in each object. You can add new picklist values or rename the existing values to have an environment that corresponds to your specific needs.

For example, in the Companies Object the “Industry” field is a picklist value.

To Add or Rename Picklist Value (Ex: Industry):

1. Log in to Cirrus Shield with your administrator profile.

2. Click on your name, then select Setup.

3. Go to the Object tab, and click on Details Company.

4. Search “Industry”, and click on Details.

5. Go down, you’ll see all the picklist value of the Industry

Rename a value
Click “Edit” next to the value you want to change.
Delete a value
Click “Delete” next to the value you want to remove.
Add new value(s) in the Picklist
Click “New”, write the new value(s) and save (Enter the values by returning to the line after each word).
Sort the value
Click “Reorder” next to New.
Add a value as a “Default Value”
Select the “Default Value” check box.
Set a field as “Required”
Select the “Required” check box.

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