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Get Started as a New User

   1. Log In for the First Time

When your administrator add you as a new user in Cirrus Shield, you will receive an email that includes your username, your password and a link to your organization’s Cirrus Shield site.

   2. The Cirrus Shield User Interface

Understand the Cirrus Shield interface and how your data is organized, will help you become more familiar with the tool.

   3. The Setup Menu

Cirrus Shield includes many option for configuring, maintaining and customizing your environment. And if you are a Cirrus Shield Developer you can express your creativity and deliver innovative applications using our powerful tools and open APIs.

   4. Personalize your Cirrus Shield Experience

Cirrus Shield includes personal settings options to customize your environment. Each user can set up their personal information in the organization. But only the administrator system can set up the company’s details.

   5. Why Can’t you See Some Features?

Because Cirrus Shield is fully customizable, you might not have access to all the product features present in our help documentation.


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