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In order to have an environment that suits your specific needs, Cirrus Shield allows you to modify, delete or create fields. Each object has several fields, which correspond to the columns of an Excel file.

For example, the Lead objects contains fields with information describing the potential clients of your company, such as their name, position, phone numbers, status and the companies they work for.

There are two types of fields in Cirrus Shield :

  • Standard fields are included in Cirrus Shield CRM and can’t be deleted.
  • Custom fields are created to meet your company’s specific business needs.

The administrator system can modify standard and custom fields or create new custom fields that meet your unique business requirements.

How can you:

1. Edit Standard Fields

2. Remove or Edit Custom Fields

3. Mark a Field as Required, Unique or External Id

4. Add or Rename Pick-list Values

5. Create Lookup Field

6. Create Roll-up Summary Field

        7. Crate Icon value Field

        8. Create Multi-Relationship Field

        9. Create Formula Field

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