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Delete Record

This function is used to delete an existing record.

Function: DeleteRecord(<Object Name>, <Matching Field>, <XML Data>)var ObjResult = DeleteRecord(<Object Name>, <Matching Field>, <XML Data>);var status = ObjResult.msgSuccess;var message = ObjResult.msgInfo;

XML Data Format:

"<Data>""<Object Name>""<Matching Field Name>"


"</Matching Field Name>""</Object Name>""</Data>"


var xmlStr = "<Data>";xmlStr += "<Task>";xmlStr += "<Id>";xmlStr += objTask.Id;xmlStr += "</Id>";xmlStr += "</Task>";xmlStr += "</Data>";

var ObjResult = DeleteRecord("Task", "Id", xmlStr);var status  = ObjResult.msgSuccess;var message = ObjResult.msgInfo;

Output:Success:A success flag is returned with value = true.The following message will be displayed “New record is deleted successfully.”Failure:A success flag is returned with value = false.An error message will be displayed.

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