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The Cirrus Shield User Interface

Understand the Cirrus Shield interface and how your data is organized, will help you become more familiar with the tool.

Each organization is made up of applications, object tabs and web tabs. Let’s talk about these three terms:

1. Applications

An application is a collection of tabs, reports, authorization, and functionality that address specific business needs.

In most cases, the platform only includes the CRM application but you can install plugins to Cirrus Shield that help you to manage additional processes within your company. Currently apps are available for managing your Billing, Timesheets, HR, Software Development, Marketing events and the Library is growing every day.

2. Object Tabs

Cirrus Shield gather all your data into tabs called “Objects”. An object is a set of fields in which are included information of your data.

Cirrus Shield objects includes Leads, contacts, companies, opportunities, reports and much more.

For example, the Lead objects contains fields with information describing the potential clients of your company, such as their name, position, phone numbers, status and the companies they work for.

In Cirrus Shield, the object tabs will be on the left of your screen. To start working, click on an object’s tab for instance “Leads”. Here you find:


1. Object Tab: The name of the object with specific types of information. In this case, the information about your leads.

2. Filter Option: A segmented list according to predetermined criteria (for example, you can choose to view all the data about “Today’s web leads”)

3. View list: A list of important fields in order to have an overview of each object (for example, you can see the name, company, status, address and mobile without clicking on each lead)

4. Records: A list of information concerning each object. In this case, the leads.

5. Mass action: A button that allows you to modify or delete records in a single click.

6. Export button: A button that allows you to extract all the records depending on the selected filter (For example, if you choose to extract the data then you will have all the information about “Today’s web lead”)

Note: These points are fully customizable to meet your company’s business needs but only the administrator(s) system can have an access to the setup.

3. Web Tabs

Web tabs allow you to display a web pages like a google calendar, a satisfaction form, your website, etc. inside the Cirrus Shield CRM.

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