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What is Cirrus Shield ?

Cirrus Shield is a cloud platform where you can create applications with point-and-click tools, and on which the Cirrus Shield CRM is built.

Cirrus Shield includes the following products:

Cirrus Shield Platform

Our application Platform as a Service (aPaaS) enables developers to express their creativity and deliver innovative applications faster. The platform also includes visual configuration tools, allowing the users to avoid managing technical aspects in order to focus on the business requirements.

Cirrus Shield CRM

Cirrus Shield CRM is a fast, flexible, responsive and secure solution that gives you all the tools you need to manage your customers, accelerate your sales, optimize your marketing efforts and improve collaboration among all the stakeholders.

                  1. Key Concepts and Terms

Let’s take a minute to define the key concepts as well as other terms that you will need to know as you progress through Cirrus Shield. The concepts here will help you understand how Cirrus Shield works and the terms will help you understand the signification of key words.

                  2. Cirrus Shield Editions

Cirrus Shield offers several types of plan, which are specific to the needs of each business, whether in terms of complexity, integration, APIs or data storage.




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