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Problems and Errors

When using the data manager, you may face some errors and problems, below you will see some of them:

General Errors in the Command Line

  1. « There is an error during the processing of the file»
    This error is by Chunk or bulk size, for ex. if you have the bulk size = 2000 and there is an error in 500 records out of 2000 you will see the error message only once for these 2000 records.
    For the second bulk records (2000 records for ex.) you will see a second error message in case of an error in one record out of 2000 and in case of an error in 2000 records out of 2000.
  2. You may have a fatal error if you have by mistake an “enter” in a field, this will cause a system error.
  3. Other error may be from the connection between the web service that the Data Manager us and the database especially if the database is installed in separate server.
  4. If the csv file of a map doesn’t exist, the Data Manager logs this info in “FilesLogverbose” and continues to the next csv file in mappings.
  5. An exception occurred: reduce the bulk size.

Errors in Results File

This error will show in case of invalid value for a field, you can see details of error in the csv generated in the results folder such as:

  • Error_MSG_Field_Required : Non-existing value for a required field
  • Error_MSG_Value_entered_not_valid: Non-valid format of a value for specific type of field
    • Examples :
      • “Date_of_Birth:Error_MSG_Value_entered_not_valid”: This message will appear if the type is for ex. date but the format wasn’t as mentioned in section 4.
      • “Email: Error_MSG_Value_entered_not_valid”: This message will appear if the type is for ex. Email but the value isn’t an appropriate Email.
  • This Record does not exist”: This message will appear if you are updating a non-existing record.
  • This record already exists“: This message will appear if you are inserting an existing record.
  • Some of the Picklist Fields contain invalid values:
    • This error occurred when having a picklist value in the csv file not existing in Cirrus Shield.
  • Some of the Lookup Fields contain invalid values:
    • If the record you are inserting has a field that points to another object (a “Lookup Relationship” field) and the record pointing to it does not exist, the record will not be inserted.

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