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4- Import the file in the CRM

You have just converted your file to CSV format and UTF-8 encoding as shown in the previous section.
It’s time to import your file into Cirrus Shield :

Connect to Cirrus Shield > Click on your Name > Setup > Click on Data Import (in the list on the left).

  1. Upload your CSV file and select the coma as a separator (,).
  2. Select the object you wish to import data into. (Prospect, Contact, Account, Quote…)
  3. Select the operation you wish to perform :
    • Insert Records :
      Inserting records let you just add new recods in the CRM. Always make sure to clear all the duplicates and to create a unique field for the email.
    • Update Records :
      Updating a record lets you just update the records without being able to create new ones. Make sure to insert the Id or External Id.
    • Upsert Records :
      This action lets you do both operations.
    • Delete Records :
      The “Delete Records” operation allows you to delete mass records in your organization.
      For example, if you want to delete all the leads whose status is equal to Lost. Then, create a custom view with the corresponding filter criteria and export this view in csv format.
      Download the csv file in the Import Wizard, choose the Delete Records operation and map the ID or the External ID column with the corresponding field in Cirrus Shield.
  4. Associez/ Mapper les colonnes du fichier Excel avec les champs du CRM.
    Il faut toujours mappé le champ Propriétaire/ Utilisateur CRM (que vous avez ajouté dans le fichier Excel) à l’Owned Id. Une fois ceci fait une petite case apparaîtera. Décochez-la si vous avez utilisé l’identifiant et Cochez-la si vous avez utilisé l’id de L’URL.
  5. Confirm your choices and start importing data.

    The user who initiated the data import receives an email status when the operation is complete, as well as an error file in case some records were not imported.

To understand how to correct the error file click here.

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