Cirrus Shield allows you to build a customer 360° view that is suited to your unique needs so that you can deliver the right information at the right time, whether to your customers, your employees or your partners.In fact, with Cirrus Shield you can see everything about a contact such as background, interaction history, important dates, projects or opportunities in a single location.

In the Contact Details page, you can add:

Campaigns: To associate several campaigns to a specific contact.Activities: To add Tasks and Events related to the contact.Yammer: To see all the contact interaction history.Case: To create cases for the contact.Invoices: To add invoices for the contact.Quotes: To ass quotes for the contact.Products: To add products for the contact.Order: To add orders for the contact.Etc.

Note that the Related List differ according to your company business (Insurance, finance, retail, etc.), but you can create others related list if you have an administrator profile.

To Create related list from the Contact tab (Eg: Opportunities):

Go to the Contact tab.Click on the required contact (the blue link).Go to the Opportunities (On the top left).Create a new opportunity.Click save.Go to the Contact tab, select the required contact and see the newly created opportunity.


Don’t forget to link the contact to the opportunity by selecting the correct contact in the contact lookup field.If the contact is not created, create it by completing the Details form, save it. Then, go to the newly created contact details page and create new opportunities, etc.Every records created will be automatically linked to the corresponding contact.

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