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Marketing Automation

Because every dollar counts, Cirrus Shield allows you to manage your activities using best practices from the enterprise world. Manage events as campaigns and see who was invited, who accepted and who attended.

Track your marketing activities on your leads and customers base. Enrich lead data and quality. Identify sales-ready leads that can be assigned to sales representatives.

1. Create Activities into Cirrus Shield

In Cirrus Shield, you can create Activities in 3 different way:

Completing manually the Campaigns/Events form.Importing Campaign using our import tools : Import Wizard or Data Manager.Cloning exiting record and doing few change.

To Create a new Campaign:

1. Go to the Campaign tab.

2. Click on New to create a new Campaign.

3. Fill the Campaign form.

4. Click Save.

To Clone a Campaign:

1. Click on a Campaign (the blue link)

2. Click on the Clone button.

3. In the new page, Modify the required fields.

4. Click Save.

Note that by default the person who creates the campaign will be the owner. To change the owner, click on the owner field and select another user.

2. Add Leads/Contacts to the Campaign

Associate Leads/Contacts to the campaigns in order to track all the information about your contacts and leads from background, communications history, to any campaigns and events in which they have participated.

Add contacts/leads from the Campaign tab:

1. Go to the Campaign tab.

2. Click on the required opportunity (The blue link)

3. Go to the Campaign Member (On the top left)

4. Click New to add a member.

5. Complete the Lookup field “Contact” or “Lead” depending on your member’s type.

6. Click Save.

Create campaign member from Contact or Lead:

1. Go to the Contact tab.

2. Click on the required contact (the blue link).

3. Go to Campaign (On the top left)

4. Click on New to associate a campaign to a contact.

5. Complete the lookup field “Campaign” depending on the campaign you want to send to your contact.

6. Click Save.

3. Mass Update Campaign Members Status

Manage the commitment of each campaign member by viewing their status. Easily update status details using the Mass Edit Button.

To Update Campaign Member Status:

Go to the Campaign tab.Click on the required campaign (The blue link).Go to the “Campaign Members” related list (On the top left).Click on the Mass Edit Button.Choose the field you want to change (Eg. Status)Select the Status from the drop-down list.Click Save.

Note that you have to select the records you want to edit before clicking on the button.

4. Add Events to Your Calendar

You can add events directly from the CRM in order to see and track all your activities in one place. The Calendar tab shows upcoming events and tasks, and links to copy your event in your own agenda. You can also share your calendar with your team and print the calendar.

To add an Event to your Calendar:

Go to the Event tab.Click on the required event (The blue link)Click on the Add to Google Calendar Button (On the top left)Go to the Calendar tab, you’ll see your event.

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