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Customer Service Automation

Manage your cases end-to-end in Cirrus Shield’s CRM, including escalation process, RMA processes, and SLA. Clarify to whom each customer case is assigned, its channel, its priority and when it was created, updated and resolved.

1. Manage Case Into Cirrus Shield CRM

  1. In most case, the Cases Details will be adapted to Customers Service processes by your administrator. But, if you need to delete, create, modify or change the order of a field ask your administrator system to do it if you don’t have an access to the setup.
  2. Add Cases  in your CRM organization by capturing cases online using Web-to-case form, importing cases using our tools (Import Wizard or Data Manager) or completing manually the case form.
  3. Assign cases to the correct users, and keep track of the activity of your support teams by using reports and dashboard tools.
  4. Automatically sent customized customer satisfaction surveys to your customers once the case is closed.
  5. Create and publish article for common answers to enrich the knowledge base and allow you customers to find answers without needing to contact support.

2. Create Cases Into Cirrus Shield

In Cirrus Shield, you can create Activities in 4 different way:

  1. Completing manually the Cases form.
  2. Importing Cases using our import tools : Import Wizard or Data Manager.
  3. Cloning exiting record and doing few change.
  4. Capturing Cases from your website.

To Create a new Case:

1. Go to the Cases tab.

2. Click on New to create a new Case.

3. Fill the Case form.

4. Click Save.

To Clone a Case:

1. Click on a Case (the blue link)

2. Click on the Clone button.

3. In the new page, Modify the required fields.

4. Click Save.


Note that by default the person who creates the campaign will be the owner. To change the owner, click on the owner field and select another user.

3. Enrich the Customer 360° view

Any data you input, any communication you have with the customer can be tracked in Cirrus Shield and will enrich the 360° view of the customer in a single, centralized and customer-centric database.

To associate a Case to a Customer (Eg. Contacts):

  1. Go to the Case tab.
  2. Create or edit a case.
  3. Find Contact Field.
  4. Click on the Search icon.
  5. Choose the correct contact from the lookup field.
  6. Click Save.


  • Don’t forget to link the contact to the case by selecting the correct contact in the contact lookup field.
  • If the contact is not created, create it by completing the Details form, save it. Then, go to the newly created contact details page and create new case, etc.

4. Measure Customer Satisfaction

When a case is closed, custom-built customer satisfaction surveys are automatically sent to your customers in order to measure and improve your customer’s satisfaction. Because speed of response and resolution are some of the main drivers of customer satisfaction, Cirrus Shield lets you measure response times on your cases automatically.


5. Customer Portal 

Provide a private and secured environment to your customers where they can access any information you want to share with them, such as product documentations, orders history, invoices, product recommendations based on their purchase history, support requests, etc.

In the portal, customers can:

  • Submit case 24/7.
  • Track the progress on existing ones.
  • Interact with your support teams.
  • Send files that are attached to the corresponding request.

6. Quick Edit/ Record Preview

1- Quick Edit :

Cirrus Shield lets you create a record directly from the filter view. This action is called Quick Edit.

Follow these steps to do a Quick Edit :

  • Click on any Tab (Lead, Contact, Account…)
  • Open the Panel on the right.
  • Click on Quick Create Form button.
  • Fill the fields.
  • Click Save.

2- Record Preview :

With Cirrus Shield you can also preview a record in the filter view.

  • Clicki on any Tab (Lead, Contact, Account…)
  • Open the Panel on the right.
  • Click on Preview Record button.

You can now visualise the record’s necessary details.

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