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Create Vcard

A button that allows you to import leads and contacts into your emailing tools (Outlook, gmail, etc.).

Important Note: If the file has not been downloaded, make sure you do not have a pop-up blocker and / or a plugin like “AdBlock Plus” on your browser.

  • To allow pop-up on Google ChromeClick here.
  • To allow pop-up on Microsoft EdgeClick here.
  • To allow pop-up on Adblock Plus”: Click on the logo (top right) and click on “Disable on this site”, this will add the Cirrus Shield domain to the “Whitelisted domains”.

To import your contacts/ leads information into your emailing tool (ex : gmail) :

  • Click on a lead (the blue link).
  • Click on the Create Vcard button.
  • A file will appear at the bottom of the page.
  • Log into your Gmail account using the required credentials.
  • Click on Mail and then select Contact:
  • Click on more and then click on import.
  • Select your vCard or .vcf file and import it.
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