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List of Standards Reports

Cirrus Shield CRM reports provides access to important data to help you manage the different aspects of your company and take the good decisions, at the right moment.

Standards reports are available in Cirrus Shield but you can create you own custom reports to track your specific KPIs.

List of the Standard Reports

Report Name
Account Reports
Revenue per Customer
List of revenue by account
Accounts by Industry
List of account by industry
Opportunity Reports
Opportunities by Stage
Opportunities by their stage
Opportunities by type
Opportunities by their type
Sale Reports
Salesperson’s Performance
Revenue gained by each salesperson
Sales By Lead Source
Sales from various lead sources
Lead Reports
Leads By Source
List of lead by their source
Leads By Status
Leads and their status
Leads by Ownership
Leads and their owner
Converted Leads
Leads that are converted into contact and account
Leads by Industry
List of lead by industry
Task Reports
Tasks by status
Tasks by their status
Tasks by priority
Tasks by their priority
Events Reports
List of all the events
Case Reports
Cases by Origin
List of cases by origin
Cases By Status
List of cases by status
Cases By Priority
List of cases by priority
Product Reports
Products by Category
Products by their category
Revenue per Product
Revenue gained by each product

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