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3- Creating the form

Let’s take for example the creation of a form that will let your leads submit a Demo request from your solution.

To create a new form, click on “Add New Form” button.

Select the object from Cirrus Shield taht will receive the data of your form. In this case, the “Lead” object.

The creation interface of the form is composed from the elements below:

  1. An html editor that lets you edit the code directly.
  2. A menu called “Add a new field” to add new fields to your form.
  3. An overview section of the form to preview all the modifications.

The field will automatically be added to your form (htlm editor). To add a new field, you just have to select it from the picklist names “Add a new field” et then click on “Add to form”.

Note that this picklist does not contain the calculated Cirrus Shield fields (such as the formulas, the rollups and the autonumbers) neither the one that are related to other objects (lookups and multi lookups)

The field names that are in the form are customizable. You can, for example, rename the “Submit” button to “Send”, make the field mendatory or insert a value by default in the field.

To change the fields order, select the field from de opening <p to the end of </p, and copy paste it wherever you want.

Lower, you will also find other options to customize your form:

  • Add a compliance note ;
  • Add a Captcha ;
  • Add a term acceptence checkbox ;
  • Form Style.

Click on « Save »to save the modifications done.

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