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7- History of submissions and errors

The Cirrus Shield extension of WordPress save in the history all the submissions of the form, the connexion history to the API as well as the non submitted forms. This action is useful in case of an issue with the extension.

To access to the form’s submissions history, click on the “Go to subscription List” button.

A table will appear with the information below:

  • The module and the corresponding form that has been submitted.
  • The information submitted through the form as well as the date and time of submission.
  • Data sent by the form to the Cirrus Shield API
  • And those received in return from the Cirrus Shield API.

To access to the API’s connexion history, click on the “Go to Sign-in Log” button. The page will show the history of all the connexions with Cirrus Shield’s API

It can sometimes happen that the submission of a form cannot reach Cirrus Shield, in this case you have the following elements:

  • You can configure the message that will appear in this situation in the “Error Message” field.
  • The extension will still send the form data to the address specified in the “Email address to which to send data from unsent forms” field
  • You can access to the data history sent by the form, but that couldn’t reach Cirrus Shield for any reason. for that, click on ‘Go to Un-submitted Forms Log”.

Finally, the “Log out” button allows you to disconnect the extension with Cirrus Shield.

When your extension is disconnected the existing forms are still available on your site but will no longer send the data to Cirrus Shield. However, you continue to receive data from these forms by email at the address configured in the “Email address to which to send data from unsent forms” field.

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