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Manage who sees what data by setting up the hierarchy of your organization. The hierarchy of roles, also referred as “Position”, reproduces the organizational chart of your company, the person with the highest role (CEO) has full access to his / her data and to those with a lower role in the hierarchy.

Have better visibility on the activities of your subordinates by defining the basic position (sales manager, sales manager, salespeople, etc.) and then indicate the “parent” of each position. For example, the “sales manager” is the parent of the “salespeople”, which allows the sales manager to access all the data of the salespeople, but the reverse is not true.

Cirrus Shield allows your teams to share files and work in groups directly on the records by checking the “Share data with peers” box. “Peers” means persons of the same post (Eg: Sellers),

To Create a New Position:

Log in to Cirrus Shield with your administrator profile.Click on your name, then select Setup.Go to the Position tab, and click on New.Enter the Name of the position (Eg : salespeople) and select the parent position (Eg: Sales Manager)Click on the “Share data with peers” checkbox if you want that all the salespeople see their data and those of other sellers.Click on Save.

Note that the Parent Position “Sales Manager should be created before adding the Child Position “Salespeople”.

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