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User Management

In Cirrus Shield CRM, a user is the person who manages records, their own or those shared by other users. In addition to accessing the CRM data, some of the users “Administrator System” can perform administrative and developing functions within the organization.

1. Licences

A licence determines the features available to the user. Each user should have a least one licence. You can define what types of users can see and do through customizable roles and permissions.

2. Profiles

A profile is a set of parameters and permissions that define what features and what operations are available for each type of user. The settings determine what users can create, edit, or delete in Cirrus Shield, such as objects, fields, or page templates. Permissions, on the other hand, determine what users can do in the organization, for example, create, edit or delete records, or establish reports and dashboards.

3. Position

Manage who sees what data by setting up the hierarchy of your organization. The hierarchy of roles, also referred to as “Position”, reproduces the organizational chart of the company, the person with the highest role (CEO) has full access to the data of persons in a lower role.

4. Add a New User

After configuring Cirrus Shield as required, you can add users. Simply insert the personal information of the new user and select his profile and position.


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