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By default, logs are enabled for the plugin and can be found on the following path:

<User folder>\AppData\Local\CirrusShield\CIRRUS SHIELDOutlookPlugin\Logsverbose.log & errors.log 

It shows the details of the plugin’s commands.

Note: This files are emptied upon each restart of Outlook.

For more advanced logs, contact us.

Error Messages and Warnings :

  • OutlookId

By default, the event, contact, task and prospect objects have an “OutlookId” field which optimizes the mapping between Cirrus Shield and the OL Plugin. If you want to map an object different from these 4 mentioned, it is recommended to add a technical field of type text in Cirrus Shield with a Label “OutlookId”

If this field is not created it will still be possible to synchronize, but you will receive the following alert each time you save the settings in the plugin:

For better performance, it is recommended to add the “OutlookId” field for the object you are mapping with the Outlook Plugin.

  • Limitations :
  1. Country values ​​must have the same API name as the one in Cirrus Shield. Example: “Cote_d_ivoire” (API name) cannot be written “Ivory Coast”.
  2. Outlook can only detect and propagate more than 50 deletes in a single selection. For this, when deleting records in Outlook before synchronizing with Cirrus Shield, be careful not to delete more than 50 records in a single selection. For example : To delete 100 contacts, do not select these 100 contacts at the same time and click on the delete button. However, you must select at most 50 contacts, delete them, and then select the remaining 50 and delete them.
  3. When the sync direction is “Outlook to Cirrus Shield”, the conflict resolution rule defaults to “Outlook always wins”.

This means that if we have the same record in Outlook and in Cirrus Shield (Same Email for contacts, and same Name, start date and end date for events for example), the synchronization must transfer the values ​​of this record from Outlook to Cirrus Shield. However, currently and only in this specific case, the record in Cirrus Shield will be mapped to that of Outlook but will not be overwritten by that of Outlook until you modify the record in Outlook and synchronize again.

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