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2- Requirements and Formats

Once the Excel file is cleaned, you will have to compare its columns with the fields in Cirrus Shield.

If in the Excel file there is a column that is not available as a field in Cirrus Shield, create this custom field in the Configuration Menu. Be careful to choose the right type of field. If it is a “picklist” type, do not forget to insert a value.

Insert additional columns in the Excel file if necessary.

The data that you include in the CRM must respect a specific format depending on the type of field.
To avoid error messages after importing the file, you must respect these requirements and formats before importing the file into your CRM :

1- Picklist and Multi-Picklist Values Format.
2- Date and Date/Time Format.
3- Checkbox Format.
4- Currency and Percentage Format.
5- Mandatory fields.
6- Insert the Owner/User column in the Excel File.

1- Picklist and Multi-Picklist Values Format

For the Picklist fields, you have to choose the API name of the values (technical name). To find these API names you have to follow these steps :
Setup in Cirrus Shield > Objects > Contact (or any other Object that you need to use) > Detail -> Custom Fields > Click on the Detail of the picklist field (Ex: Industry) > Copy the values in the « Name » columns > Paste each value in the righ cell in the Excel File :

In this case, the values of the “Industry” field :

For the Multi-picklist fields, the values should be separated with comas, should be typed with the correct API Names (SouthAfrica = South_Africa) and the et the use of quotes (” “) is required if you have a comma between the values :

2- Date and Date/Time Format

For the Date fields, use the following format in the cells of the Excel file : YYYY-MM-DD (2021-11-28)
For the Date/Time fields use the following format : YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS+TZ (2021-11-28 12:21:05+01) where TZ is the Time Zone).

To change the date format in Excel click on Home > General > More Number Formats :

Clicck on Custom (on the left) and the Type section (au milieu) insert the correct date format then save.

3- Checkbox Format

Checkbox values must contain 1 or 0.

1 = checked
0 = not checked

4- Currency and Percentage Format

Do not add the following symbols $, € or % for the Currency or Pourcentage values. Only write the number (ex: 10 au and not 10%).

5- Mandatory Fields

While importing, the presence of data is mandatory for all mandatory/required fields in Cirrus Shield.
For example: “Name” is a required field in Cirrus Shield. Make sure the “Name” column contains values in the Excel file.
If the chosen operation is “Update a record”, then you do not have to insert values for the required fields.

6- Insert the Owner/User Column the Excel file

To avoid import failure, add an essential column at the end of your Excel file which is the Owner or User column. This step is essential because the data must be linked to the CRM User (you; the owner of this CRM). In this column that you add, there must be the Id or the External Id of the Owner that you find in your CRM. We will explain the difference between these two terms and the steps to follow below :

in the CRM, the User field appears on all the pages and objects. It’s a lookup field.

There are 2 options to fill the cells of the Owner/User column in the Excel File :

  1. By inserting the User Id :
    Setup in Cirrus Shield > Users Management > Click on the username in blue > Copy the Id that appears in the URL in the navigator > Insert this Id in the cells of the Owner/User column. (in this case the id is : 2508232802844019361)

2. By choosing a field as an External Id in the User Obejct (ex: the username) :
Setup in Cirrus Shield > Objects > User > Details > Modify Username field > Check The External Id box > Save.

Now, you can add your username In the User column in the Excel File instead of the Id mentioned in point number 1.

If the import operation is « Insert » : use the Id

If the import operation is « Upsert » : use the External of the targeted object.

You are now ready to convert your Excel file to CSV format before importing it into Cirrus Shield

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