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Merge duplicates

You can display the duplicate records in alphabetical order or by number of duplicates by clicking on the column name.
The total number of conflicts is the total number of duplicate records of the chosen criterion. In this case 43.

For example, we can see that the first name Robert exists 7 times.
Merge all the people with the first name Robert so that they become 1 record. In order to do that:

  • Click on the ”View” button to display the results and all the information for contacts with first name Robert.
  • Then select the contacts to merge. You can choose everything to merge or choose a number.
  • Choose 3 records to merge
  • Then click on next.

A merge table will appear where the administrator will have to choose the main record and the duplicates to delete:

If you choose record #1 as the main record, you will find the information related to this record below (Salutation, Title, Last Name, Extension …).
You can even choose to modify certain information by adding information of another record such as the Title of record 2, Last name of record 3.

In the first gray column you can see the result of the merger performed.

  • Click on the ”Merge” button
    An alert will appear to confirm the merger of these records

As a result, contacts and their related objects will be transferred to the main record and this merge action cannot be undone.

  • Click on the ”I understand, Merge now” button.
    You will receive a header note showing that these records have been successfully merged.
    You may receive an error message if there is an error.

Note that the table displays a maximum of 2000 duplicates. A small star will appear in each line in case records are missing. These records exist but are only not displayed.

  • Click “Finish” when you complete your merge..

You will be redirected to the initial window of the deduplication wizard.

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