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An application is a collection of tabs, reports, authorization, and functionality that address specific business needs. In most cases, the platform only includes the CRM application but you can install extensions to Cirrus Shield that help you to manage additional processes within your company.

In addition of reordering the tabs, the Application tool will help you distribute your tabs depending on the users profile. In fact, Cirrus Shield allows you to use the standard application or to create new ones within your organization in order to create an environment adapted to the needs of each department.

Note that each application contain tabs, and each tab correspond to an object.

Edit Standard Application (Ex: Sales): 

Log in to Cirrus Shield with you administrator profile.Click on you Name, and select Setup.Go to the Application tabs, you will see three standard applications.Click on Details Sales, select Tabs (On the top right).You will see all the tabs present in this application. Click on the Edit button.Select the tabs you want to place or remove from the boxes.Reorder the tabs by clicking on Up or Down.Choose the Default tab (The first page you will see when opening your Cirrus Shield Organization).Click Save, then select Profile.Choose who can See the application.

To create a new application, follow the step above but click on New instead of Edit.

Note that if you don’t see the Object tab in the user interface, be sure that you have selected a profile in the Tabs tab (Set Tab Permission)



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